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 AFK Script

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PostSubject: AFK Script   Wed May 12, 2010 8:59 am

Hey again everybody,

I want to show you a quite famous script, who add "|afk" at your nickname when you don't play.
If you don't know that, afk = Away From Keybord

The script :

//AFK Script
//TODO: make a settings menu
//User Settings
//This is what will be added to your name when you are AFK.
afkstr = "|afk"

//If set to 1, it will display a message to toher players when you go AFK. Set to 0 to disable.
afkshowmessage = 0

//This will be placed after your name and sent to other players.
afkmessage = "is no longer avilable."

//This is how long (in seconds) the script will wait if you are idle before changeing you to AFK.
timeuntilafk = 60

curafk = 0
afktime = 0
alias afk [
if $arg1 [
if (= $curafk 0) [
oldname = $curname
name (concatword $oldname $afkstr)
curafk = 1
echo "You are now set to: AFK"
if $afkshowmessage [say (concat "AFKScript:" $oldname $afkmessage )]
] [
if $curafk [
name $oldname
curafk = 0
echo "You are now set to: ONLINE"
alias notafk [
if (= $afktime 0) [afkcheck]
afktime = 0
if (= $curafk 1) [afk 0]
alias afkcheck [
afktime = (+ $afktime 5)
if (= 2 (+ (> $afktime (* $timeuntilafk 1000)) (= $curafk 0))) [afk 1]
sleep 5 afkcheck
bind w [forward;notafk]
bind a [left;notafk]
bind s [backward;notafk]
bind d [right;notafk]
bind MOUSE4 [universaldelta  1;notafk] // this line was added by me
bind MOUSE5 [universaldelta -1;notafk] // this line was added by me

//END of AFK Script

There is only one problem with this script : sometimes, it say you're afk whereas you're not, so i think you should increase the value of "timeuntilafk" to 120 or 240 secondes...
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AFK Script
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